Sunday, September 2, 2012

By Hand ~ With Needle & Thread ~ 7 Hour Challenge

Hi Friends!
Before I explain the 'title' of this post - just a reminder...the "Back To School Blog Hop Party" ends Monday night at the strike of Midnight (as in 'time' - not our cat). Did you have a chance to join the party? Did you leave a comment on the last post so your name could be in the drawing for my 'give-away' (shipped to a USA address only...this time)? If you answered yes...then a big THANK YOU! If HERE now before it's too late. The winner will be announced sometime on Tuesday Sept the 4th.

We're in the midst of getting ready for the annual Jacksonville QuiltFest (that's Florida baby) starting Sept 20-22. Back in May I put together a little project box to take on our road trip to Kansas City for Spring Quilt Market. Inside the box: LOTS of fabric squares to make flower petals for a cute little pincushion I designed (thinking I could make  hundreds lots at least a dozen for the quilt show).
Back in May it seemed like Oodles of time to easily finish everything in this box ~ but that picture you see above? With Mr.Marvin the "Overseer"? I JUST took the picture...obviously I didn't finish a thing! I don't think I even opened the box on our trip.

I'm a HUGE fan of "Quiltville's Bonnie Hunter" - I just adore her - she inspires me so. I don't know how one person can do SO MUCH...but she does! (and we are SO excited - she's coming to our shop in March of 2015 to teach a couple workshops and present a trunk show...I don't want time to fly...but I can't wait til she visits!)...but back to business here. If you follow Bonnie on her website/blog/fb...(there's always a shortcut to "Quiltville" on the right side of this page)'ll know she has decided to spend "one hour a day for seven days" (when she is at home) handquilting a quilt. She's invited all of us here to join IN and log in OUR 7 hours of 'handwork'.  So I'm doing IT! I 'pledge' to spend 1Hr Ea Day for the next week with my Needle & Thread (ok...Bonnie isn't making us "pledge"....I guess that's the former Girl Scout in me coming thru).  

This little quilt for my Mom just needs the binding stitched...
(if you look back thru my'll see this has been waiting far too long...LOL)

It will be fun to see how many flower petals I can put many Pincushions can I make? (I've really lost track of how many I even cut out!).

I'd show you the finished pincushion now (yes...there is ONE done..haha) but think I'll make you wait until next Monday...(is this what they mean by a 'teaser'?) 

If you have some 'hand work' to do....why not join us? In fact...if you leave a comment below...let's hear what hand stitching you'll tackle this week. You don't have to 'pledge'...unless you want to! LOL

Thanks for visiting ~ see you soon
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<


  1. Hey Lynn, I did my first hour of stitching last night with Lil Bit sitting on my lap and the DH in his hospital bed in the living room. I made sure he got his "meds" on time so I did not have to get back up until my hour was up. This is going to be fun. 7 hours doesn't sound like too much!

  2. Sounds like a gr8t idea, Lynn! Can't wait to see what the pincushion looks like.



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