Sunday, September 16, 2012

Do You EQ? This Could Be Fun!

I know I said I wouldn't be back again til maybe later this week, but I read a post on Mark Lipinski's Fan Page (FB) and he mentioned this fun little Sew Along that EQ is starting Oct. 1st. Click on their link on the right of this page for more information. They will be using BlockBase. If you don't have that - you might get lucky and be a winner - they are Giving Away 5 copies of BlockBase sure to visit them and sign up on their contest page by 9am EST Wednesday, Sept. 19th

We DID go to the Jaguars game today....I DID bring my needle and thread....I did NOT stitch one single quilt top edge...(boo hoo)
but I DID spend almost 3 hours with needle and thread....
Here are the 'beginnings' of a couple pincushions. I would have had a 3rd one...but halfway thru the rained and I couldn't stitch 'inside' my poncho ~ I tried! LOL 
All in all I think I logged in close to 6 hours of handwork this week....getting closer to the magic number "7"

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

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  1. hahaha!! stitching inside your poncho - that's what I call a die hard stitcher!! Love the beginnings of the pin cushions and yup, I EQ.


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