Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tons of Fun

I promised to show some pictures from this past weekends quilt show and I know you were expecting to see loads of quilts from the show. There were over 400! Well guess who was too busy working their booth? The only quilts I saw were the ones I passed by on the way to the Ladies Room. I tried to take a different aisle every time...but seriously, by the time nature called and I could make my escape...the last thing on my mind was a camera! 

Instead I'll show you our booth at the end of Set Up Day on Wednesday.  Wow, hard to believe that was one week ago! 
I also need to catch up on my "Needle and Thread" accomplishments from last week so here's a good time to combine the two.
I know when Bonnie Hunter challenged us to get in at least one hour a day with needle and thread, she was thinking more along the lines of handquilting a quilt...or some applique, some handpiecing...maybe some binding.  I was thinking the same thing too...but when you're getting ready for a quilt show, other handwork takes priority. Here are some pictures of our booth. Look for the little yellow stars - they mark my "needle and thread time" from last week.
This is a view on the aisle outside our booth. The binding on my little "Tool Time" quilt was finished the week before (forgot about that - guess I can't count it for this go round). Sometimes quilting isn't an option when the fabric arrives just before the I rolled over edges and handbasted them for a nicer finish when displayed - one little Loralie "Cool Cats" panel (upper left)...and the quickie circus quilt I pieced (which wasn't so 'quickie' until I figured out my own version of their suggested pattern) from Michael Miller fabrics.
When you come into the booth from the aisle...this is the other side of the first picture you saw. A couple more panels with handbasted edges....and yet another circus quilt pieced right before the show by my most awesome friend Sandie (who also spent loads of time cutting fat quarters, even taking them home to fold and bundle).
Continuing around there is a little lap top (the quilt, not the computer) with handbasted edges put together by our friend Doris (who is also quite awesome too! In fact she made that wonderful crazy batik quilt on the back wall from Karla Alexanders' book "Dynamic Quilts with Easy Curves" - which was probably the only quilt in her book with NO  The yellow star on the right marks 3 more panels with handbasted edges. There's also a great Snowman Door hanging put together by our sew sweet friend Diane  and our dear friend (also our kids 'nanny') Ann, finished the edges on that I can't take credit for her hours (she also cut and packaged table runners, cut fats and made that's a nanny!)
"Natures Holiday" panel is the star on the left...and on the right marks my Good Vibrations musical quilt. The other pieces you see were actually quilted...a couple by my friend Ronda...and some really GREAT quilts by good friend Sunnie Malesky. We were thrilled to have Sunnie's quilts and her patterns in our booth for the show...I only wish I'd thought to take pictures of them. You can check them out by visiting her here at her website. (I just noticed Sunnie has a NEW website and she's posted a bit about the  really must go and take a look - you'll see even more of our booth..that's a wonderful surprise!)

I even managed to make new table covers....but remember those pincushions? Well....surprise, surprise....they are still a work in progress. I've stitched a couple more and like the rest, they are in the beginning stage. 
Hint: If you want to get your cat out of hiding...just set up a little something you want to take a picture of....put it at kitty cat level - point the camera and click....
Voila! Instant Cat!

About the title...our booth here is 3 - 10'x10' spaces. We fill it up! I did a little 'guess-timation' just about the fabric bolts - about 1200lbs worth to start - which we moved out of the shop...into the show (there's a ton right there) ...sold a LOT...but still moved a lot back into the trailer.....back into the shop (I'm sure another ton even tho we sold loads). Not including all the other goodies like fat quarters and bundles and books and racks and tables....Yikes! I think we had more than a ton of fun!

Before I go...I must give a shout out of THANKS to all of our friends who helped us prepare for this show! Everyone pitched in with their hearts and hands...and besides the ones I've already mentioned...Hugs go to Marcia for the hours she spent cutting fat quarters, preparing pillow case kits and much more than I can even remember. Hugs to our "Movers" Gail and Sandie and her DH Ralph who saved us (and Bob's back) in our time of need. Gail and Sandie also helped us in the really does take a village! 
We are blessed!

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

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