Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shake It Up!!! Do the Pom Pom Blog Hop

I probably now know MORE about Pom Poms than I ever thought possible...
maybe even MORE than I really need to know!
Thank you
for really Shakin' Things Up Here!

I'm so excited to Shake My Pom Poms at ya'll today.
Since I
I thought it only fitting...
that I should finally come up with a mouse
in a thimble.


You're lucky I'm writing this post at the 11th hour...
so I'll spare you all the details of coming up with
my little mouse pattern
(we can save that for another time).

I figured a mouse in a thimble would be the way to go...
you would only see her body and arms...
I wouldn't have to worry about legs.
I She I?....ok SHE had to have legs...
and then she told me she was
just standing around in her thimble.
AND she wanted 
MORE Pom Poms!

Here she is in her little
Pastel Pom Pom Boa
Tres Chic don't you think?
And what about that parasol?
She is one stylin mouse!

Of course...it's sometimes hard 
to post on the last day of a blog hop.
Why You Ask?
Because if I'm not totally finished with my project
(which ok...is usually the case)
sometimes....it's really...
hard not to be influenced by those 
awesome bloggers before me.

Take for instance
she made the coolest pom pom flowers from
She used over 900 Q-Tips!
I HAD to try it!

We had only 16 Q-Tips in the house.
But not much of a pom pom...hahaha

Then there was Joan over at
and her Bikini Pom Pom Pillow
(I still LOL when I think about it)

Hmmm...I wonder...

oh wait...
a thought...

Bikini Mouse with her
Pom Pom Sea Urchin

Ok...really and truly...
DID have 
an original thought all along.
You see....
 my goal is one day...
to become one of ...
Mdm Samm's Cheerleaders!

Of course early this morning I was strollin thru 
the Pom Pom blogs of the day...
Wouldn't ya know it?
had a Cheerleading Barbie!
With the cutest little Coca Cola Juke Box!
I almost ran out today to see if I could find one...
but I'm crazy busy getting ready for a quilt show...
so instead
I just took one last picture!
Do you think the signs are too much? 

Thanks for visiting!
I hope you smiled.
Be sure to see who else is
Shakin it Up 

April 30

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

P.S...omgosh...I am posting after the midnight deadline...it's amazing I am posting at all...you just wouldn't believe the night...first there was a BUG...eeeewwww....one of the cats must have found it and brought it in to play....I couldn't concentrate to write this...eventually my BIG STRONG HERO SPOUSE saved the day and smooshed the bug! And then....I kept losing the internet connection...which would be no big deal...except that I was writing this blog! Yep...time for a 'thimblefull' of something...maybe THREE thimblefulls...and sleep...Niteys!
P.S.2....I do not believe this...now the post will NOT Publish...ok...just shoot me now! Make that FOUR thimbleFULLS!!!!


  1. Yes, you brought a few smiles my way. What an imagination you have. Love your mouse!

  2. Love your mice's, mouse's, mice whatever, they are sooo cute!

  3. Your mouse is adorable in all her outfits! Thank you for sharing.

  4. I haven´t stopped laughing. Maybe you could hear it from Malmö, Sweden. You have made my day and you have never disappointed me with your funny interpretations of the themes in the blog hops.
    I love all your mices in there different and funny images. I will surely look forward to make me one for myself, so please make a pattern.
    And as you are a Thimblemouse maybe you should take a look at these blog with the most adorable crocheted mice. Here is the link http://elsasdesign.blogspot.se There is a translation button
    Have a great weekend over there

  5. Oh how fun is she! The cheerleader costume just too much, and the pink bikini made me think she was nekkid :). At any rate, indeed the Thimblemouse should have a mouse in a thimble. Very clever, Lynn! Love it!

  6. Lynn you crack me up with your trying to keep up with other projects. You mouse is cute in its thimble.

  7. Thank you for the smiles. This is fantastic!

  8. I'm in love with your mouse and all of her wonderful outfits! She's so cute and you are so creative! Thanks so much for sharing today!

  9. Thanks for this great happy post, Lynn. Yes, when a mousie wants more pom-poms there is only one thing to do. We lost the Internet connection for ten days, it floated in and out, so I can sympathise, it is blogging hell. Glad you managed to get this published, persistence pays off (or was it the drink? ha! ha!).

  10. Thank you and your mice for the most wonderful smile to begin my day. have a cheerful day.

  11. Very creative way to use the pom-poms! The mouse is a cute one.

  12. I simply adore your thimble mouse with all of her pom poms!! Girl, you have done great!!

  13. I love mice, I have a big collection of them and yours is truly unique. I love all the decorations and the sea urchin is brilliant. Well done for getting this posted and thanks so much for sharing.

  14. Lynnnnnnnnn you make me squeal with delight to do all of this on the 11th hour...you truly are inspiring, funny and downright imaginative...love your mouse and yes as a cheerleader you would do us all proud...

  15. Lynn, your mice are just precious!!!! I love the one in the thimble, but then oh no you had more and more. I was laughing and oh I can just tell by all the cheer leading that you will be one of Madame Samm's top picks today. I will bet on it! I'm sure she will keep you in mind for a cheer leader too, lol.

  16. Love your mouse! You have a way with poms that makes me smile!

  17. You have been very very busy and so much fun. Lots of talent in this world.

  18. Nothing like having a really good laugh first thing in the morning...I love your mouse and post! She is just too cute! All the little dress-up additions certainly made her even more gorgeous. You are a great cheerleader (and so is that little mouse of yours.)

  19. How adorable!! You are so clever!!! Thank you for putting a big smile on my face this morning! (I'm so glad you were able to get this post up!)

  20. You are HILARIOUS! I am sorry you had internet and bug trouble. Thank heaven for bug crushing spouses! Hip Hip Hooray! And cheerleading mouses! Hip Hip Hooray!

  21. Not sure who had more fun...you or your cute little mouse! :)
    Fun projects!

  22. Oh my! Your thimble mouse was such a perfect idea--she's absolutely adorable and I love all her pompom enhancements and accessories!

  23. I was sipping my coffee and had to put my cup down....you are too much. Very cute indeed...but did you or the mouse have more fun????? very creative...have a super day.

  24. Oh, Lynn. Your mouse is so adorable. I loved the way you posed her in all the settings. She is just too cute. And you are so funny, you just made my day--a great way to start the morning. Thank you.

  25. made me smile this morning...i needed to smile...after looking out the window and seeing snow on the ground again...it just all melted...so thx for the smile miss mouse

  26. Great projects. Love the cheer mouse and the bikini mouse .....They are all cute but those wo are my favorites. What a fun hop.

  27. Laughing all the way through the post----Bikini mouse did me in! How cute your little mouse is and how clever of you to pose her in pom pom themed settings. THX for the smiles!

  28. Oh, how funny! I love your little mouse cheerleader! So creative!

  29. Oh you do have the best dressed mouse in the house!! What adorable outfits. Kind of a bossy mouse wanting legs, being bored... I guess there is one of those in everyone's house! LOL!! What a fun read!

  30. Oh so cute!!!! I love the little mouse and all of the fun pom poms you have added to dress it up, Very clever and super cute.

  31. Oh My! What a display of creativity! Love your mouse with the flamingos, and her bikini and sea urchine! Your whole display is fantastic. You did an absolutely fantastic job! Thank you for including me. As a cheerleader, she is perfect!

  32. Your mouse really knows how to shake it's Pom Poms. It is just adorable!!! All the scenes that you set up for it are just too cute. Great work!!

  33. LOL, you make me laugh! What a great show! I love your mouse, you did a great job! Thanks for sharing!

  34. Lynn, I had to use your pictures of your mouse and the sea urchin. They are just too cute. I have linked to your blog. Thank you for the great smile today.

  35. Your mouse is so cute!! What fun you had! I'm still chuckling over Joan's pom pom bikini too!
    Thanks for sharing!

  36. HI!!! I smiled, laughed, and giggled!!!! How adorable!!!! So cute!!! Love it all!!!! That little cheerleader mouse WOW!!!! Oh I think you would be a wonderful cheerleader for all of us!!!!

  37. Not only did I smile I LOL'd!!!!
    You took the fun from all the past pommers and added them to your sweet mouse! What fun!!!! You are So creative!!!!
    Thank you!

  38. Fabulous!!!!! You are just sew creative. Love them all.
    (((((((hugs))))))) Miss Lynn! And while you're at it give one to the "spouse" too!


  39. You did it!! You covered every emotion that I have in my life!! sometimes at the same time!! You go!! Thanks!!

  40. I love your mouse and all of its antics. I had more than one good laugh. Thanks you.

  41. Your mouse is just plain ADORABLE....how sweet!!

  42. Your mouse has been busy! My hubby gets the bugs, too. Yuck!

  43. LOL You made my day!!!

    Thank you for sponsoring this Blog Hop giveaway.

  44. WOW! Love Thimblemouse and her mighty pom pom wardrobe!

  45. Ahh the headaches. Your mousey is the cutest and everything turned out well. Hope you got a good nights sleep.

  46. I really enjoyed reading your post today and also seeing your mice all dressed up. A lot of fun.

  47. I love your mice! All so cute--The last one could've been annette fuichillo's mouse twin, ya think? lol Thanks for sharing! vickise at gmail dot com

  48. so cute your post was worth the wait

  49. Thimblemouse is adorable. I think she has a bigger wardrobe than me. Well, she certainly is more stylish! Love your style!

  50. She is adorable! And what awesome little outfits! I love her!

  51. You never cease to give me lots to smile about - even if it's all your troubles getting your post posted!!! lol That's the cutest mouse I ever did see and one that I would allow to live in my house. She actually does remind me of Madame Samm - hehehe - is it the red/white/and dots? Great hat - that thimble. The signs are not over-kill; really, think of all the two organizers do...maybe it should have been bigger!!!

  52. These are SOOO cute, I love the mouse with the thimble on top!!!

  53. These mice are absolutely wonderful...You are really creative.
    Love them

  54. now that's a busy little mouse . looks like she loves to modle.
    thanks for sharing her with us today
    in stitches

  55. So incredibly adorable beyond words! Thank you for the smile today. :)

  56. Sew cute! What a fun way to remember earlier posts from the hop. I hope you enjoyed your thimblefuls and I'm sew glad your post made it to us!

  57. OMG, your mouse is so cute! I can't decide which of her costumes I like best.

  58. Love you mouse! Great costumes. Thanks for sharing.

  59. Thanks so much for the smiles , that is one dang cute mouse !

  60. Thank you for this funny blogpost, your mouse is so cute and well dressed ☺

  61. Lynn ... this is so adorable!!! I do not know how I missed it!! I just found Mary's post about your q-tip sea urchin and had to run quick to see your pom-pom mouse. You are sew creative! ... :-) Pat


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