Monday, December 17, 2012

Geese? Did She Really Say MORE GEESE?

I think when this mystery quilt is finished, I will call it
 "Oh My Lucy-I'm Going Goosey".
Bonnie Hunters' Step 4 of Easy Street, so eagerly anticipated - brought 64 MORE flying geese to the sewing table.
Don't get me wrong - I really DO like flying geese. But now I'll confess, I've always done them in...ah... let's say, lesser quantities...paper and then...mostly 'then'.
Paper piecing is NOT an option with the numbers of geese we are working with. And tho it might sound like I'm whining - really I'm not. In fact, I think these geese are really starting to grow on me...I feel feathers sprouting. 
So here we go...step 4....make 64 more purple flying geese with 'teal' wings, this time.
By Saturday afternoon all my geesies and wingies were cut - and I must say, they went a bit faster - loving the EZ Angle and Companion rulers! (I think we are friends now... finally). I love my 'SortKwik' - that's the pink stuff ... I always forget about it until I'm well into a project - but after step 1 came and went I 'remembered' and now it's always handy - makes separating those itty bitty pieces so much easier. You can usually find it at an office supply store - just be sure whatever you use states on the container that is acid free and non-staining.
(and Yes, there is a similar product made just for us quilters...and yes, we've even sold it in our shop, but truly this works the same, costs less, and I really rather my customers spend their money on our wonderful fabrics and notions and quilt books and all those other fabulous things you can only find in a quilt shop)
As I started to work on the new geese, I was having some issues with 'tension' - and that perplexed me since I hadn't changed any settings. See how those wings were just waving at me? (I really think they're taunting me!)
I wasn't amused.
Fiddled and faddled (my blog, I can make up new words)...and finally deduced that the tension was fine - but my threads...a different story. I use whatever thread I have ready to go...really doesn't matter what color...but I had changed my bobbin and lo and behold, the top thread was different - and NOT user friendly with it's bobbin mate. Once changed...everyone played nice and 'flat'.
Do you see the 'ta-da! Spot ON!' and the circle? I was sooooo excited that finally....finally...a kazillion geese later... seams were sewn and going exactly where they were supposed to! 
I didn't get very far with this step yet. Some geese are flying...four have found 'buddies'...but I really feel like I've made progress in honing my flying geese skills. In fact, I hope there are MORE geese coming down the Street...(did I really just say that out loud?) I'm getting my geese groove on!

I promised to show what my FWB (Friends Without Blogs) were up to. Last Saturday we had a 'sew-in' at the shop with members of the Jacksonville Modern Quilt Guild. One of the gals was working on her Easy Street and I was thrilled when she posted a picture of her progress on our FB shop page.
Candi isn't going as scrappy with her fabrics but oh how they sing! Candi also showed me a picture of her completed Orca Bay - dang, why didn't I get a picture? It is Awesome!

My friend Gail has picked out her 'paint chips' - I'm anxious to see her colors...but so far she's kept them a

Click HERE to see my other neighbors on Quiltville's Easy Street - Bonnies Monday Link Up is Always SO much FUN!

I had a couple more things I wanted to tell you about  but I think I've kept you here long enough. If you follow'll find out later this week about my early Christmas gift picked up today...oh heck, here's a sneaky peaky...I'm soooo excited I have to share. 
This morning the Spouse hooked up our trailer and off we went to pick up this awesome Vintage Singer 401A! Yep, that's my honey...oh and Bob too! haha 
There will be more better pictures down the road - but I just had to take a quickie clickie inside the trailer - look - he's 'almost' smiling.  I know he's thinking "we have NO room for this machine" and he would be absolutely right! But when you hear the 'deal' and see 'all' that came with it - you'll agree, I couldn't pass this up!  Bonnie KNOW what I'm talkin' about! 
But for's time for me to make like a 'geese' and (wait for it....)....FLY!
OOPS...I almost forgot...
Congrats to our Blog Hop Winner! 
Mr.Random picked #78 (sorry, my copy looks pretty funky)
Yey Nanbonn44! Your panel will be shipped on Tuesday morning!
Thanks to everyone who played along!

Til 'Laters....
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<
I'm always excited to get new followers...but I never ever will make that a requirement for give-aways and such. You either want to know where I'm going...or not. But if you KNOW Santa personally - put in a good word for me, will ya? I''ve been good...and yes, I got my 401A - but I'm hoping he'll still surprise me with 100 followers by Christmas Day.
Yikes!!!! Just realized I forgot to include this 'greens'...almost all cut...still hunting up 13 more :)


  1. Wow, your geese look great!

    Having never heard of SortKwik, I had to do an internet search. Amazing! I didn't know there were such products.

  2. Loving your geese and your friends! I'm going to check out SortKwik, I never thought to use it for quilting. Thanks for the tip. I'm guessing there must still be at least one more set of geese in our future--maybe to go with the rest of the light geese? But who knows! It's all fun!

  3. Your geese are looking fabulous. Thanks for the tip about Sort Kwik. I am going to pick some up today!

    Cheryl in Friendsville

  4. Cite kitties in the window. Love your craziness. Oh a new machine OMG!

    I am following you now, come visit me and follow if interested. Thanks.

  5. Heehee! I needed a chuckle - thanks! Love the kitties in the window, and all of the goose/geese fun!


  6. The geese have been pretty cinchie with the Sacred Rulers, but I'm ready for something else~ Bring on Friday!
    Sharyn in Kalama

  7. I just love your kitties in the window and their comments about the geese! I haven't made geese any other way besides with the Sacred Rulers. I'm pretty new to quilting and just made my first quilt for my husbands birthday on August 2nd. Can't wait to see the deal you got on your new machine. Happy sewing!

  8. Love, love, love the kitties in the window!!! Easy Street is looking great! Congrats on the new machine!!

  9. I laughed when I read the caption with the cats in the window. It really brightened my day, Thank you!

  10. Not sew much a secret, just no pic yet! Can't think about Easy Street when Christmas is 5 days & three sewing projects away!


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