Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This is SO Me!

A few weeks ago while catching up on my reading list here in blogland, I came across a post from Barbara at Cat Patches inviting any and all of us to join her for the 
2013 New FO Challenge. 
I hadn't a clue what this challenge could be, so I read thru her post...the more I read...the more I smiled...thinking this is EXACTLY the kind of challenge I was born for! (Plus I'm in love with the Challenge's just so cute, dontcha think?)
You's all about STARTING a new project each month! You don't even have to finish it!  I LOVE to start new projects! It's the finishing that kind of hangs me up... (how many UFO's do I have? oh puleeeze...let's not go there...unh uh!).
So without further adieu...I'm joining Cat Patches Linky Party - giving you a little preview of what I will start hope to start in 2013. I'm sure there will be more projects calling my name...I just haven't found them yet.
1) First and foremost, the Spouse and I really need a quilt for our King size bed! You see, when it's chilly (and gets brrrrr-chilly in Floreeedah) our 'kids' love to snuggle on the bed at night, which means our queen size coverlet doesn't cover "it" when all those furry bodies take up residence (i.e. Maggie and the cats - I wasn't talking about Bob). I'm really tired of having my butt hanging out and catching cold. (tmi? sorry...haha). I've only ever made two King size quilts...neither one was for us. This will be a utility quilt...something simple and BIG! No idea yet what the design will be.

I'll number the rest of my dream projects, but they really truly are not in any particular order...what moves me and when remains to be seen.

2) This sweet little wall hanging has been screaming my mom's name for quite awhile now. First published in QuiltMaker magazine (I don't remember when) - I have wanted to do it forever! My copy of the magazine is buried who knows where - but lookie look! Martingale has just published a new book "Eye-Catching Quilts" - Favorites from QuiltMaker Magazine....and the pattern for the posies is in there. Fate. 
(I probably should start this sooner than later, Mom is 93 after all...I want her to enjoy this for a long long time!)

3) Last fall, or maybe it was summer - time just flies by sooooo fast - I entered a super fun "Tabby Block Lotto" hosted by Jennifer at Sew Hooked and I was shocked and totally thrilled when I WON ALL THE BLOCKS! I definitely have to do something with these.

4) I am in lust with this kit from Moda, featuring  "Marmalade" (just the name alone is so yummy) - a fabric line designed by Bonnie (Cotton Way)& Camille (Thimble Blossoms).
When I saw their pattern Flower Girl - I knew...just knew I had to start this quilt! With any luck, I'll get this quilt done while we still have a few kits left in the shop :)
5) My friend and quilt designer/instructor extraordinaire
Sunnie Malesky is graciously sharing some of her beautiful
 quilts for a trunk show at our shop and I fell in love with her 
I hope I can get my garden planted by spring time....or summer...maybe late fall... lol

6) I absolutely adore Loralie Designs. These "Fast Women" bring a smile to my face. I saw some brilliant mug rugs using her panel blocks...I have these gals...I'm sew gonna mug them up! With any luck they'll be great Christmas pressies for next year!
* * * * *
I'm getting really excited now for the New Year to start! And speaking of....I just realized there is at least ONE more (known) project I've forgotten to list - which will kick our King quilt into 2nd place - (how easily plans change, I haven't even finished this post yet..haha).
Through one of my BFF's, Holly....I discovered Planet Patchwork - they're hosting a 
???mystery quilt??? 
on New Years Day! It's called 
I can't resist! There's a clue every hour until the quilt is complete. Guess we know where I'll be on January 1st! Maybe you can join me ! Let's Party!
Til Laters'
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"< 


  1. I love the projects you've got up there so far. Too fun about the tabby blocks!!

  2. I too just recently found this challenge - and you are right - it is perfect! I love your list of projects! I need to check out that mystery. ~Jeanne

  3. Oh my goodness!! I can see the appeal here. I want to start one of everything too. But normally I hold myself back. Some of these look too good to stay away from. Personally I love the tabby blocks and new years day mystery. I may need sewing intervention, I'm thinking about jumping in.

  4. Wonderful projects. I love Blooms!

  5. I love this! I have decided that 2013 is going to be my year of USOs (Unstarted Objects.) This would be perfect for me, I may have to check it out. Those kitty blocks are too adorable! I can't wait to see what you do with them.

  6. I'm a new follower and I'm LOVING your blog! It's a lot of fun - YOU'RE a lot of fun! I've been looking at Barb's NewFO Challenge for a while. I like your list of ideas and just might think up my own and give it a try. Thanks for the encouragement. PLUS, I've never tried a Mystery Quilt before. January 1st might be the right time. Let's see if there's anything on the calendar...nope! I'm free!


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