Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Easy Street Step 3 - Some Eats and Mom

"Whew"...I thought I'd never get here...but I finally found my way down Easy Street for step 3! This post will be short and sweet because I have asparagus waiting to be panko'd and baked (oh my, it is wonderful!!!) Let me see if I can find the link....(I'm so easily distracted, but we're talking some really lip smackin' spears here)....
Ok, I'm back and pretty quickly I might find the link I needed to visit my Pinterest account and that's sometimes trouble...I get there and start looking to see what everyone is pinning...and then I forget why I went there...but this time, I "focused" click HERE to see this sooo deelish dish from Slender Kitchen - it's what I'm making tonight. Yum!
Panko Parmesan Asparagus from 
Now back to the subject...which was....oh right...Easy Street - Step 3.
The first original colors (just like Bonnies...well sorta)...let's see, we have Purples and Teals. I added some Aquas because I just couldn't make up my mind...did I want just Teals? I loved the Aquas too and decided they really wanted to play together...
All 64 patches are done...fini...complete...YaHoo!!!

Here are the patches for the 2nd version I'm making with Jo Morton fabrics...which reminds me, I never did show you a pic of those flying this pic you'll see "two" - there are 4 more made in the 'wings'...(the rest are in a "holding pattern"...but they will be made....eventually...maybe).
I'm NOT trying to guess what Bonnie Hunter has up her sleeve - but enjoyed laying these blocks out just to see what I could make when it was 'picture time'.

I think I 'promised' to show you my 3rd version 'next time' - which is technically 'this time' - so here is Step 1 - because that's as far as I've gone. I think I was just in love with the four patches - all that 'spinning' amused me (I'm easily amused)...if flying geese had been FIRST...there would be NO version's 2 or 3...haha. I'm really going for something different....and still waiting for inspiration....this IS a mystery, after all.
The dotted fabric WAS my 'constant' - the multi solids, my background. Then Bonnie confessed that our 'constant' was done with this step- over with - finito... and my first reaction was "What??? But I LOVE this fabric!". So now I'm debating and pretty close to deciding that my "dots" will be my new background - the solids my new 'constant' - that of course opens up a whole new gaggle of geese you can understand why I'm going to let the geese stew a little well as step 3. I'm waiting for one of those 'light bulb''ll come...I am patient.

To see what everyone else is up to these days on Easy Street...give a clickie HERE!

Before I go (asparagus IS breaded and baking and we're counting down the minutes...just in case you were wondering)....I would like to invite you to a HERE for yesterdays post and a chance to win a prize as we help Quilting Gallery celebrate their 5th birthday. Be quick though - the deadline to enter is Dec.15th.

And last but NEVER least....clicked a pic today of my sweet Mom and thought I'd share.
When I first saw her today...she was a little out of spirits...but after 2 Berry Oreo Cookies and 3 Three Muskateers....I scored a SMILE. I told her I was going to share her picture with my quilting friends. She couldn't imagine why anyone would want to see her...haha (but between you and me, I think it tickles her Pink! )
Mom is sitting in her ALF 'living room' in front of a Christmas quilt I made a few years ago. I'm a little embarrassed  I can't remember who designed the's on the tip of my tongue...I just can't spit it out (dontcha just hate that?)..but it's a cute jolly Santas panel surrounded by pieced pinwheels, simple framed blocks and lotsa borders...ho ho ho. Since the fabric is long gone I can't hang the quilt in the shop (that would be a tease)... I was glad to share it with Mom and her friends...I hope it makes them smile.

Thanks for stopping it's time to eat! "Chow"

Until Laters,
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

P.S. Supper was ready before I could get this post finished...the Spouse made our favorite awesome Glazed Salmon (I'd share the link for the recipe but the author now charges to access her blog - I'm so glad I copied it down when it was still free - sadly I don't visit her anymore - and since it's not MY recipe, I don't feel ethical writing it down here)...we also had Baked Butternut Squash  and the Asparagus case you're wondering...haha
  I'm a 'weight watcher' and this was a 10pp meal - worth every bite! I'm thinking maybe after the holidays I might add a "My Fav Eats" page to my blog - with my favorite recipes that are WW friendly...maybe even ask those passing by here to submit some of theirs too...(and this from a gal who never liked to cook - I still don't, not really...but I sure LOVE to eat!)


  1. 3 beautiful Easy Streets! I like the way the blocks are looking together.

  2. First of all, I love the aquas mixed with the teals. Second, I LOVE the colors on the Jo Morton version. 3. I'm amazed you are doing so many versions! 4. I'm off to the store to buy some asparagus. I love it and am always looking for good recipes.

    1. JoAnne...I hope you got to make and enjoy the asparagus...I won't cook it any other way now. Thanks for your sweet words...and you're not the only one 'amazed'...haha...actually it's more like I keep experiencing that "what the heck was I thinking" moment...over and over...LOL

  3. OMG, Lynn, you are an overachiever!!! 3 Easies at one time. That is an awesome task! I love the teals and, of course, the dots and solids "rang my bell". I think the Jo Morton version is beautiful and so quiet. You make me feel like a real slacker!!!

    1. Sandi it was those 4 patches...they got me into trouble. But one thing I know you are NOT a slacker!!!! I wish I could complete half the number of projects you DO...but I so love to 'start' them.! haha

  4. You go Girl..Very Pretty, and all so different Happy Quilting

  5. Wow - 3 versions - 3!!! I am incredibly impressed! I think I like the 2nd one the best so far. Beautiful colors.

    Your Mom is adorable. Glad you shared her with us!

  6. Wow - 3 versions of Easy Street! Very ambitious! I like them all, looking forward to watching them progress.

  7. Can we say "DEDICATED?" WOW! I am so impressed you are ambitious enough to make 3 versions of the mystery quilt! Kudos to you! Your mother looks beautiful sitting there in front of your beautiful quilt. Best wishes!

  8. You mom is beautiful and she looks happy :)

    Love the idea of asparagus in panko. I have baked them, but never with panko. Quilts are looking great too! Busy gal!

  9. I love your ambition to take on more than one mystery quilt at a time. But I think that in some ways I can understand why. When I am working on one of Bonnie's mysterys I start pulling out fabric and not worrying so much about if it's perfect and just go for it. Personally I'm enjoying not knowing what I'm up too. All of your progress looks fantastic, keep up the good work.

  10. Geese gotta fly and you have got a flock of them. Looking good.
    Merry Christmas to MOM, OX...

  11. One of these days I want to taste one of these terrific sounding recipes to see if I like it enough to make it myself! I have paint chip sheets from Lowe's for two color ways. That's as far as i got. I'll try to take a pic just to show I started on the path.


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