Monday, December 24, 2012

A Little Holiday Intermission

It's the day before Christmas...and all thru this house...there's very little quilting...
just a Holiday crazed Mouse...
 enjoying time off...
with her sweet loving Spouse.

It's Monday and time to link up with Bonnie to share our Easy Street progress. Click here to see who's linking up over in Quiltville today. No!
I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later.
Friday morning step 5 of Easy Street was posted - I eagerly printed it out - then returned to my last ditch efforts to get ready for Christmas.
Ever since step 4 was posted over a week ago - it seems like I just 'blinked' and all of a sudden it's Christmas Eve. 
I still want to share something Quiltville related for us Bonnie followers (why does an image of hundreds of quilters marching, holding rotary cutters up high and proud come to mind when I say that? ha). 
Since my street is closed about we take a little
Look familiar?
If you've been lucky enough to catch Bonnie Hunter on her Quilt Cam, you may have seen this little quilt on the back of her chair. 
You're probably gosh, that Thimblemouse is one bold little rodent - swiping Bonnie's picture right off her blog!
Well...I'll share a little secret with you...the picture above was taken in our shop classroom - before that little quilt went to live with Bonnie,
it started life here in Florida...looking like this...
Gives a whole new meaning to 'quilt in a bag' dontcha think? lol

Yes, I made that little quilt for Bonnie and it just tickles me that she likes it.
I've been wanting to write this post for months - this seems like the perfect time.

In the early days of Quilt Cam, Bonnie needed to take a quick 'break' but didn't want anyone tuning IN to see an empty chair, so she pinned a little hand lettered sign to the back of her chair with a 'be right back'. 
I smiled when I saw it and thought "gee, she really needs a little quilted sign" - and then promptly stored the notion in my little mouse head for awhile.
One day soon after - a friend brought in bags of scrappies for our on-going-never-ending-no-matter-how-many-I-stuff  pet pillows. I grabbed a pillowcase and started stuffing. Little bits and snips started turning into BIGGER bits and I couldn't help myself...I started sorting out the bag....
What treasures...what fun...and I thought "I really need to Bonnie Hunter these" (that's my term for her scrap users method)
a Light Bulb Moment!
A quilt for Bonnie - made from this own little challenge...can I do it - should I do it?
Why not!
So while Bonnie was away on a Bali 'high' - I planned and I played - oh how I played... 
Inside the bag were also rail blocks already sewn and the remains of others...
They'd make a perfect background for the "Intermission" and that red scrap with hints of cheddar just said Bonnie to me....
There was some very long strips of the blue just asking to play along...
I found a font I liked...printed up the letters mirror image, then traced them onto Heat n Bond Feather Lite.
The blocks below were already pieced together when I found them...oooo and that little black print- I see more letters ... 
Fun Fun Fun!
As I mentioned, Bonnie was sending us wonderful posts from Bali on her blog while I was playing away - her pictures from the Monkey Gardens just made me LOL. I wanted to include something on this quilt to remind her of Bali...I couldn't resist the monkey...I'm glad Bonnie has a great sense of humor!
There was a blank space above the 'Cam' and I had to fill it. Thinking about her obsession love of vintage machines...I poked around her photos trying to decide which machine to include. 

I saw her "Magenta" Featherweight...I let out a Yahoo when I read that she'd bought it at our Jacksonville QuiltFest in 2010!
Now those of you expert on 'all things Bonnie' - know this machine, so dear to her heart - suffered a tragic demise....I'd completely forgotten...and now I'm so glad it's 'memorialized' on her little quilt. Click here to see Bonnie's machines...scroll to her "Featherweights"'ll find sweet "Magenta"
Ok...back to the quilt...
A little embroidered message to let us know she's not really gone....
The spool blocks....
I had sooooo much fun making those spoolies. At the time Bonnie was kitting and sewing her 3" spool blocks. I had to include some! These are 2" blocks...and shhh...don't tell....but I paper pieced them.

The quilt back...found a nice chunk of fabric and inserted the 3 center strips (they were already pieced).
I made a larger "Spool" for a hand written label. 
(Between the time I mailed the quilt to Bonnie and before she received it - she mentioned on Quilt Cam that we should really 'hand write' our labels..."whew"...I'm glad I usually do..and did...heh heh)

My little Thimblemouse 'signature'...
I can't believe I only thought about adding the 'mouse' to my quilts this here to see what gave me the idea.
I'm so glad I acted on a 'whim' and made this little quilt. I know I'm not alone when I say
"Thank You Bonnie for your time...for all that you generously share and give to the quilting world. We are so lucky to have you!"
* * * case any of you were wondering...there were a few scraps that actually made it into the pet pillows

Thanks for visiting...hope your
Christmas is Merry and Blessed
Christmas Mice
happy holidays pictures
Happy Holidays
The Thimblemouse and Spouse

>"<           >"<


  1. Hi Lynn! I really enjoyed hearing the story behind Bonnie's Intermission sign for her chair! I was watching Quilt Cam the day that she first put it on her chair! It really is cute and has so much Bonnie in it. I am really lucky to have found Bonnie shortly after I started quilting. I have learned so much from her and her followers. You are one lucky lady to have a quilt shop and be able to work side by side with your hubby. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. You did a great job on the intermission sign. What a lovely gift for a lovely person.

    I know what you mean about the time going by so fast. I'm falling behind on Easy Street because Christmas snuck up on me once again. You would think I would remember that it always happens on December 25 every year, but somehow, like you, I blink and, Zoom!, it's Christmas!

    Here's hoping you have a Merry Christmas!

  3. I loved reading your story on how the Intermission quilted sign came about for Bonnie's quilt cam chair. How sweet of you to do this. I've been following Bonnie Hunter's blog for years now. She is such an inspiration. I like your Thimble Mouse label fabric. I have a half yard of that cute fabric, and have not wanted to cut it up, it's so adorable---and perfect for you!

  4. Ihave only been able to seequilt cam a couple of times but noticed the chair quilt theotheer day - thank you for making it for Bonnie and thank you for sharing the story behind it.
    Sandy in South Australia

  5. You are a genious making that sign! When I first saw it on quiltcam I laughed - it is hysterical. I love it and you did such a wonderful job. I hope we join up some Easy Street units this week - I want to see how it goes together! Merry Christmas.

  6. Lynn, you are just too fun. Thank you for sharing your story of Bonnie's intermission sign. You included so many wonderful things about her in your own personal challenge. Too funny with your comment "I really need to Bonnie Hunter these." BUT it is SOOOOOOO true. Have a Happy New Year!

  7. I saw this when Bonnie first got it..good to know where it came from! I was following all the linkys and now have added your blog to my reader!


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