Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just Being Human

If you're a fan of social may have noticed the red and pink symbols flying around yesterday and today ...
the first one I saw....
 Equality for Marriage
....maybe it's other places as well
...I'll admit I've had my hands full of other concerns lately 
so I'm not always up to speed on the "goings ons" 
(I really DO live under a quilted rock at times)....

I am NOT here to speak on pros or cons...
I'm not here to express my political views....
the Spouse is the "political half" of our little duo...
I leave that all up to him.
(so please don't leave comments of a political nature...I will just delete them...that is NOT what my blog is about).

I just wanna sew and create and enjoy
At 2am I was awake and creating...
I'm not going into more sewing details...
I think these simple measurements are enough.
The pin will finish about 1-3/4" square. 
Please feel free to make your own pin...
share this is you think it worthy 
(just Please give me a little credit - that would be so kind).

I am now ready for today...and wearing this proudly.
Because I DO believe that 
Equality is for Everyone!
That's not being political...
That's just being human...

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<


  1. I was wondering what those meant. Thanks for clearing it up.

  2. Very well said! Love your little pin. :O)

  3. I wondered what those were about. Now I know.

  4. I received one from a friend and new instantly what it represented. Thanks for your understanding.

  5. I have been a believer of that all my life, thanks to my now late beloved grandmother. Very well said, Lynn!!

  6. Great idea.

    And from a lazy person's point of view, equality is just easier. You don't have to remember who gets what (or doesn't).


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