Monday, March 11, 2013

MeOwZa MoNdaY - Something Old, Something New - Spring Fling!

Welcome to the debut of
MeOwZa MoNdaY
This week...Midnite's in charge
(earlier this morning)


(Mia has an idea)

"Not now Mia...
Today it's about MOI"

"It's Free 
and More Importantly...
*I* was the Inspiration!"

(meanwhile from the other side of the room)

Has anyone seen Marvin?
He was supposed to join Moi and tell you
that you can also click
to take you right to the post with instructions and the free printable PDF files.
This paper pieced pattern was designed last fall for 
Halloween Blog Hop.
We thought in case you're new, or missed it, we'd remind you that it's here anytime for you to download.

Speaking of Whim's and Fancies...
Soma has done it again!
Join Whims and Fancies starting April 1st for
19 Designers will be sharing their specially designed 
10-inch paper pieced blocks for you to make.
Our Day is April 18.

That's all for now...someone just turned on the can opener!
We're outta here!
"The KiDees"


*****Breaking Mews*****
This just in...
There is Voting going on over at Project Quilting - we hope you might take a look and vote for our mom's's the one from the previous post.
Even if you don't vote for hers...take a look and vote for your favorite three...they are all so amazing!
You can click HERE...our quilt is of course made by "The Thimblemouse"
Voting ends Friday the 15th.

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  1. I had such a good laugh reading this, Midnight!! Thank you for the shout out :)


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