Monday, March 25, 2013

MeOwZa Monday...While the Mice are Away....

Will ya look at this!
 Madame Samm
and tweet sweet
 I Piece 2-Mary
are cheering a new blog hop...
...a hop we can really sink our teeth into wrap our paws around!
It will be all about Birds!
We know Birds!
Birds R Us!
In fact...there was some serious bird watching going on earlier today....
About those "blinds"...we'll just tell Mom we were researching for the hop...
Surely she'll understand....

The KiDees


  1. Sounds like a good hop. Those little darlings. There must have been quite a disagreement to do so much damage.

  2. Ohhh you is funny and yes you are in....would not be the same without you lol

  3. Oh, yes, cats and horizontal blinds do not mix. I quickly learned with my little stinkers that it was best to raise the blinds all the way and put curtains over the window. (I lived in an apartment so I couldn't just get rid of the blinds.)


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