Saturday, March 2, 2013

Somewhere A Sock Monster Lurks

WHO else besides me has a problem with SOCKS? 
WHAT is the deal here? 
WHY is it that TWO socks go into the washer...but only ONE comes out of the dryer?  
WHEN will the missing sock return to it's mate? 
 and last but not least...just
WHERE the heck did it go? 

Surely I'm not the only one that wonders about such things. I think it's been documented, that this is just the nature of socks....but really....with modern technology, you'd think that someone could design a pair of socks that would always stay together...maybe with little alarms woven in that would sound off when one sock tried to sneak away from the other. 
 It's a problem that is really bugging me lately....and what really prompted this post is the fact I've been buying socks by the dozens for my Mom. 
And yet...whenever I visit...she is sockless. 
What's worse, when I go to grab her a pair of socks to warm her oh so cold tootsies...there is rarely a "pair" least NOT a pair that matches. 
Yesterday I found 4 socks in her drawer...and you guessed it, not one of them matched. I grabbed a pink one and a purple one and told her the 'style' now was to wear TWO colors of socks. I don't think she believed me...but she said she felt so much warmer when I put them on her feet. 

 Before I go any further, let me be clear, I think the ALF that my Mom lives at is THE BEST
The gals (and guys)that work there are SUPER! My Mom gets the care and attention she needs, this whole sock ordeal should be the least of my worries...but I just hate it that 9 times out of 10 she is wearing NO socks when I see her. 
She always has shoes or slippers on so that's a plus...and I've been told she often takes OFF her socks...I get that. 
I know this has been a mystery for the ages...
in fact, I've been researching...
did you know they've written books on the topic?

On Ebay there's even a market for...
hmmm...maybe I need to get this for the laundry room at Mom's place.

Kidding aside, just this morning two of my favorite Laurel Burch's went red, one teal , I put the Spouse on Sock Alert.... so truly, I can't imagine the nightmare 'laundry time' must be when you're in charge of washing clothes for 18 people...but her socks are ALWAYS marked with HER just
where have they gone???

I really doubt there is a sock 'thief' - after all what would you do with just one sock?
ok...there is

 Back to Mom and her sockless situation...
On the way to the quilt shop yesterday morning, we stopped at the big W box store . Bob found a pkg of 10 pairs of white socks for a very nice price. I of course wanted something colored...something fun...cuz white is just so...well, WHITE. Ya know? But considering the $$$ already invested in socks, I said 'they're perfect'.
Back at the shop I had an idea....
What IF  I could somehow make these plain white socks stand out just a little more...maybe they'd then survive the wash together...better yet, return together!
I found some BLUE ribbon
machine tacked it in place...
Got out my permanent PINK Sharpie
Can we say CUTE?
I couldn't wait to run and visit Mom...when I found her, she was 'rockin with the music' (a group sing-a-long)...sporting spiffy shades (I have no idea where she got the sunglasses - but some mysteries don't need to be solved)...and eating a pop-tart (it was break time from the la-la's) 
What a priceless moment...
and I could kick myself - I forgot to take her picture - because lo and behold...
...she was wearing SOCKS! Matching no less!
But, she loved her new socks...hopefully she was wearing them today
(yes, like my Mom, I am the eternal optimist - nice and warm tootsies - two days in a row? a girl can dream...)
In fact, the socks were such a hit - the head of the memory care unit is running out to buy socks and markers and a "Make Your Own Socks" day is being planned!!!
Just think.....Everyone there could will soon have
Wouldn't that be a

Thanks for stopping by and if you've made it this even bigger HUG goes out to you.
I hadn't planned this post to be quite so long...I just got lost in my thoughts about socks.
But now it's time for me to join the Spouse in the search
for my Laurel Burch(s)...
then again...
here's another theory

Til 'laters.....
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<


  1. Lynn, LOL reading your sock post! I remember that saga with my own mom. Now everyone in the ALF will have personalized socks and "losing" them might be a little more difficult. That is, unless someone cannot remember how she decorated her socks. :-)

  2. Love the sock saga and the vision of your Mom singing away! And don't forget the Seinfeld skit where the socks are "leaning" up against the sides of the dryer, trying to escape matching. Thanks for the smiles!

  3. Those missing mates for those lonely socks have moved off into the Hose-zone! Happy searching. Oh! and make sure to check and clean the outtake of your dryer periodically. My Dad found two socks trying to mate in Mom's one time. Very racey!

  4. You are toooo funny!!!!
    Yesterday I vacuumed under my bed and found 5 socks (apparently I take them off when I sleep and it gets too warm) and then my vacuum wouldn't work anymore and when I took it apart I found..... you guessed it - a sock!

  5. Too funny . You made me smile. Happy hunting.

  6. Lynn...Where do you think all that lint comes from...your missing cremated socks!


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