Sunday, March 31, 2013

Truly March Madness

Now I know why they call it
Yikes, what a month!
It's been one heck of a ride.
Jan & Feb had their share of ups and downs.
I was so ready for a peaceful March.

It started out innocently enough...
with a Blog Hop Party...
then some fun creating and
 "In the Garden of Good & Weevil"
was born.
"Wesley Weevil"
A quick trip to Fernandina Beach
on the evening of the 12th...
I had such a delightful time presenting a program for the
Amelia Island Quilters
they are such a fun and friendly group!

The next day I was readying up for my radio debut...
how exciting to be joining Mark Lipinski's
"Creative Mojo" Guest Host,
fellow quilt shop lover...and author
Nessa Reifsnyder

and then Wham!

First 'the call' and off to meet Mom at the ER...
and a little unscheduled 7 day stay at Hotel D'Hospital for my girl.
(FYI - Mom's back 'home' and doing well)

Cruising back to 'normal'...for almost a week...
a little more stitchin' and I finished...
"Tulips for Mom"
and was then inspired to make a pin.

Nessa gave me another chance,
and on the 27th I actually made it on air!
Click HERE to download the Creative Mojo podcast.
(my dear friends say I didn't sound half bad ...
true confession time...
I haven't the nerve to listen to myself...yet...LOL)

Somewhere I eeked out a little time
to work on my very first
Covert Robin gift exchange...thankfully I managed to finish it all
even had it wrapped, packed...
and was just jumping on line
to print out a shipping label on Thurs. the 28th


the Spouse calmly walks into the shop classroom and says:

"I don't want to scare you but....."

(fast foward a couple hours...)

(I wouldn't make this stuff UP!)
Bob's heart got to 'racing'...
we don't know why.
It's never happened before...
we pray it doesn't happen again.
At the ER they immediately got things under control.
If he was a 19yr old...they would have let him go home.
But alas...
there's a little snow on that loveable face...
so they kept him overnight...
for poking and prodding..
Echo tests and the like...
Every Test was Neg!
Lab work Fantastic!
(our healthy eating pays off)

What was wrong?
I'm a quilter, remember?
I can barely remember what it wasn't...let alone what it was...
but in the simplest of terms...
"A short circuit in his wiring...a 'misfire' if you will"

24 Hours Later...
Going Home Sweet Home!

Wow...what a month!

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

PS...For "MeOwZa MonDay"
...the KiDees will bring you OPAM finishes...
I'm just wiped out!
I'm taking the day off!


  1. WOW, Lynn!! That was certainly some month. I am so happy for you that everyone seems to be back on course now.

  2. Hi--My mother's heart would do that once in awhile--and again they never discovered why--so hang in there and keep on keeping on!!!
    Happy Easter-
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie


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