Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sometimes Rules Can Be Good!

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They say that time really flies when you're having fun...if that's true...then I really had a blast this week!
Actually....I really did. 
Taxes were finished and delivered to our most awesome tax man on Monday and the 'dance of joy' began. 
I decided to treat myself to a few days of
"Just for the Fun of It Designing and Quilting"
Last Sunday Kim from Persimon Dreams posted our next to last "Project Quilting" Challenge. As I write, the challenge is "due" in less than 10 hours - (oops, forgot we're "springing" - make that 9 hours).

The 'challenge' this week was to choose a random 'publication' - turn to page 28 - get inspired - Create!
The Spouse just happened to get in a new gardening catalog and I thought that would be perfect. I imagined  beautiful plant life - vibrant colors - lots of eye candy just waiting for me.
I opened to page 28....
Can you read the bottom?
Pest and Disease????

I quickly grabbed the next publication I could find...oh look, a colorful sales flyer...with LOTS of pages...let's there a page 28?
Yes, indeedy there is, now that looks more like it dontcha ya think?
But then my conscience got the best of me...I remembered especially where Kim said "...I realize the temptation will be great to check out page 28 of every publication you can find, but please try to honor the spirit of this challenge."


So back I went...studying the page of plant disease...creepy crawly bugs...deformed carrots...more bugs...oh wait...carrots?
I've long been inspired by Artist, Quilter, Friend, Jan Mullen of Stargazey designs. I love her 'wonky, "come what may" approach to not so traditional patchwork. 
With that in mind...I decided maybe a table runner of carrots (or as Jan would call them - carrotZ) might not be such a bad idea...even deformed carrots could be cute...couldn't they?

The Challenge was ON!

I cut...I sewed...I pieced...I cut on and sew started to come together...even the Spouse was excited (he closed me up in the classroom one afternoon and took care of customers, just so I could have undisturbed work time...I just love that man).
But after 4 carrots...the table runner idea turned into a 22" x 33" wall hanging...and the carrots got just turned out...
So Dang Cute!
Aren't the carrots so cool? 
They are all individually pieced and sewn into place.
There of course had to be appliqued bugs....
first came the little Lady...
That's "Sinthia Slug"
(she just makes me giggle)

Every garden needs a worm...
Here's "Wayne"

On the page they had a "squash bug"...which looks like a "stink bug" but they are totally different bugs (didn't know you were going to get a bug lesson now, didya?)
Here's my version...
I call him "Stanley Stinker"...hahaha

Then what would a garden of carrots be without a wascally wabbit - nibbling on a carrot...
and lest he be caught....
..."Springing" away!
Isn't that the cutest little cotton tail?
It was Bob's idea...he gave me a little strip of batting...I gathered it...Perfect!

I had just finished sewing on the last of the 'eyes' when my good friend Doris came by the shop early Saturday afternoon. I was still trying to decide what to name this.
We got to talking about the bugs...and Doris thought the idea of  the Lady Bug was nice...that I had a blend of "good & evil" in my garden!
The Garden of Good & Evil... brilliant, right?
I skipped out to visit Mom...and on the way back in the car another *light bulb moment*
(some of my best ideas happen waiting in traffic)
so I scurried back to the quilt....
did a little research....
and added one more 'friend'....

Meet "Wesley"
The Weevil...

So now can you guess?
(I just crack myself it is...)
This has been my favorite Project Quilting Challenge yet...I'm so glad I stuck to the rules!
I also must confess...I'm not sure if this is 'legal' - challengely speaking - but like Eleanor Burns once said, "I quilt with my credit card" ~ ok, I paid him with food...yes, Bob did the machine quilting and a perfect job at that! 
(Thank ya honey! *wink*)
Omgosh...I have done SPRUNG forward to 4:55AM!
YIKES! At least it's now Sunday and I can sleep in!
Have a great week everyone!
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

Added 3/11/13:
You can now VOTE for my quilt over at Project Quilting starting today thru the end of the day Friday March 15th. Just click HERE and look for "The Thimblemouse" from the list of entries 
(you'll need to scroll down the page...don't worry, it's there, I promise). 
You can vote for up to three quilts - and let me tell you - it's NOT going to be an easy choice...all the entries are AMAZING! 


  1. Love the quilt! You are just off to bed and I amd just up and off to work! LOL
    Mary Ann

  2. I love the bugs and the whole thing!

  3. You are just so darn talented!! Will you be making a pattern?

  4. LOL Lynn, that is the cutest, most creative idea!!! Kudos to you!

  5. Not sure how you got this wonderful table top oh it's a wall hanging I think that is what you call it last :)) From page 28 but if you say so.. It's is sew darn cute but what isn't that you wink* or touch isn't. Hopefully you well let us know when you have the pattern completed!! I'll take one plezz. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent and ideas if us. Maybe one day I'll sew again...

  6. I wish I had just a fraction of your imagination. I LOVE the wallhanging. Thanks for sharing.

  7. That is just to darn stinking cute! I also would love you to do a pattern. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  8. Love your carrot quilt :-) So sweet.

  9. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog - your posts are so creative. Love the carrots & bugs - now I'm off to vote for it.

  10. This IS Just so Darn Cute! I love it! I love reading how you came about this quilt - I love that you took a page on bugs and diseases and made THIS! Fabulous job! This is a perfect example of what I hope Project Quilting does for folks!


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