Monday, April 1, 2013

MeOwZa MoNDay - A Double Header

Time for March NewFO Report!
Here we are again!
Twice in One Day!
Oh yeh....
We're linking up with
Barbara at Cat Patches
be sure to check out her 
linky party 
to see what everyone else has been doing!
The starts....
A couple of blocks made for a special group quilt.
(It's a surprise... 
so we can't talk more about it now...
not even if you bribe us with catnip...
our kitty lips are sealed)
Still trying to catch on on a Feb block exchange...
one made....
....a kazillion to go.
For Mom's first "Covert Robin" exchange...
(more about that in coming days)
she made one of her favorite quilt diddies
and was working on a tutorial...
until she realized she sewed the zipper in
(MeOwHaHaHa -oops)
We told her no one would notice...
but sometimes she's such a purrrr-fectionist...
...decided to keep that one for herself...
and made another for her secret furrr-iend.
Needless to say...a deadline was looming...
and the tutorial didn't happen.
Maybe next time.
About all of the other wonderful things 
that were started and finished in March?
We'd show em' all over again...
but we've done it so
earlier today in our
MeOwZa MoNDay Post.
(not to mention...I really need a Cat Nap!)
Til next week...
...Just Let Me Sleep!
The KiDees


  1. What a cute group of projects. I love the blocks at the top...the secret ones. Great fabrics. Thanks for linking up!

  2. I like the blocks that you made for special group quilt and the quilt diddie (with zipper either way!). I'm never sure what to do with batiks, but your stars look great using them.

  3. Love love love the blocks for the surprise quilt. That's on my "to do" list, too!


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