Monday, April 22, 2013

MeOwZa MoNDay - Mail Call and Stuff....

Until our mom learns to take more
furrrr-lattering pictures of us...
we say 
No More Pics!
(until next week of course)

Meanwhile, welcome to another
Time to CATch up on past weeks arrivals.
Mom got all kinds of goodies in the mail.

a Purrrrrfect prize for posting her
March New FO Challenge.
Thanks Barbara!
Barbara's KiDee...
 even sent a little message
on the back of the envelope
Maybe mom will let us help her with her mail next time!


And from one of our mom's 
most favorite in the whole wide world 
of quilters/designers/and just all around fun gals,
came this CUTE little guy!
Our mom saw it a few weeks ago on Carol's blog and just 
HAD to have it! 
Just so you know...
Carol CAN  be bought!
Thanks Carol for making OUR "mama" so happy!
If you need a happy sure to visit Carol soon!

Mom wanted us to let you know she is taking a little blogging 'break'.
She'll be back late on the 29th to reveal the winners of some goodies...
you have left a comment
...for a chance to win, right?

She's a busy mouse these days...
getting ready for the
Tree City Quilters Quilt Show
May 4&5
Shaking up her Pom-Poms...
We're not sure what that means...
she doesn't tell us everything
but it has something to do with this...

A new blog hop...we shoulda known!
We think she said she is going to show off her
"pom-poms" on the 30th...
wonder if our Dad knows about that!

the KiDees

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  1. I just found your blog a couple weeks ago. I love it & the kiddies.


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