Sunday, April 7, 2013

Scrap Basket Sunday

After turning off the reading lamp about 2:30 this morning,
I couldn't believe I was awake just before 6am.
Wandering thru the darkened house, taking care not to step on little fur bodies...
I found myself in front of the computer and thought well just maybe I'd take a little look around.

I should learn to go back to sleep immediately upon waking that early.
But I didn't...and now I'm adding another
"just have to DO because it will be fun!"...
to my never ending list of things to do.

I've been following Kim's Big Quilting Adventure for a little while now and I've seen this button/badge on her blog.
Scrap Basket Sunday
This morning I decided to 'click it'
I'm in trouble now.
Yep...big trouble.
Kim started "Scrap Basket Sunday" last week
(yippee...I'm NOT that far behind)
where she devotes some sewing time on Sunday with her scrappies.
She so sweetly invited me
(ok...not just ME...more like all of us...yes...that means YOU too!)
to grab my our scraps and sew!
You can do any quilt or project(s) you'd like with your scrapsters...
but when I realized Kim was making one of my favorite blocks
from one of my favorite quilters...
I immediately grabbed her 
button/badge and I'm "in"!
I didn't expect to start until next weekend...
but after a few more hours sleep...
then some Sunday running around...
I headed to the sewing room...
(after talking myself out of a wee nap)
thinking I was going to work on another 'must finish' project...
when  these pink scraps just
jumped out 
at me!
I'm in trouble now!
Lynn ~ The Thimblmouse >"<


  1. Woohoo! Glad you found the button -I'm sure you will have fun sewing and scrapping along with us. Your pink block is stunning - I'll be looking out for you next week too!

  2. Oh, nice! I love your pink fabrics--I bet they woke you up too! I'm glad you were able to join in and start today.

  3. Really like the bright pink. Will be watching to see what others you do!!


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