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Spring Fling Blog Hop - My Day

I'm hooking up today with
for her simply mahhh-velous
It's an honor to be one of  the 20 designers included.
If you're just learning about this hop for the first time...
be sure to visit Whims and Fancies for links to
what's been...and what's still to come!

When I started to think about what I would do
for my 10" block foundation pieced offering...
I knew there had to be flowers for spring...
and from the get go I kept seeing a 'cat' in the mix!

This time it was Marvin's turn to inspire me.
awwww...wasn't he just the cutest lil' bambino?
Ok...before I pull out the entire baby album...
back to the subject
(no wonder it takes me forever to write a post...I'm so easily distracted)

I designed my first 'thought' on EQ.
Marvin (the adult)...looking at a flower.

Then a recent bittersweet memory grabbed me...
and wouldn't let go....

When Maggie suddenly left us in January...
our vet sent us this beautiful flower arrangement.
All the KiDees wanted to play eat were so intrigued with the flowers...
we had to put them behind closed doors during the day
while we were at work.
One evening after we'd been home awhile...
I found Marvin sitting on the counter next to the flowers...
he was ever so gently sniffing them...
one by one...
then he reached out a paw...
but just barely touched a petal.
He is our gentle giant.

Back to the drawing board I went...


True...the colors are a little brighter...more like summer...
but that pastel batik background brings it back to spring...
at least for me.

Here is the link for the PDF file to print out the foundation pattern.
Please remember your printer should be set to NO scaling.

For an easy to follow 'mirror image' design 
like you see below
and a chart listing what goes where, click here.

I told the Spouse this would be
a simple and quick post to write.
All I needed to do was...
show the block...
put a link for the pattern...
and be done.

He laughed.
He knows me so well.

This is a fairly simple block...
but if you are new to foundation piecing
( I'm going to assume you know the basics...
yes, I know...
one should never assume...
but I'm forever the optimist)
I thought maybe it would be helpful to show you how this block progresses.
Sometimes 'angles' can be scary.
Just take it one Unit at a time and you'll do fine.

Let's get started.
Here are the foundations you have (or will) print out.
Remember, you're working in 'mirror image' from the fabric finished block you see way above.
I like to lay them out to form the block.
(please refer to that second file I linked you to...for some reason, the "Unit" lettering did not print out on all the pieces and I haven't a clue about that.)

Complete each unit as marked.

Hint: When working with larger pieces of fabric
that might want to flop around...
I find a few BIG Basting stitches along the edges
really helps to keep all in place
I learned that 'trick' from Karen Stone.
She rocks!

Once all Units are finished and trimmed, I lay them back out...
again, forming the block.
Notice how I've 'grouped' the Units together.

I like to start with the easiest first - you know...
instant gratification is a wonderful thing.
I started with the "flowers".
 When I joined together the two flower petal sections...
I expected the outer edges to line up evenly...
they did not.
The section completed is 'straight' but the slight angle of the petals is enough
to cause what you see above. And it works, sewn as shown.

Next sew (as shown below)
-the flower "center" unit to the completed petals
-the ear to top of forehead
-neck/arm to bottom of head

Next sew paw section to head as shown below

Now sew ear section to top of head section

You're doing Great! One more seam to go!

Now for the details.
Totally up to you.

For awhile my Marvin didn't have a mouth
(so much quieter that way)
But I finally drew one on and machine stitched it.
I was NOT happy.
I used that 'double' or 'triple' straight stitch.
(I'm sure it has a technical name...I'm technically challenged...oh well)
That's when I discovered tho I have 'that stitch'
on all of my machines...
some do it better than others...
sadly I used the 'other'
(see stitches on the right side of needle below - those are 'them' - yuck)
I found a nice rust colored floss...threaded up 3 strands...
and wrapped the machine stitches.
MeOwZa as the KiDees would say!
Break out the Catnip!!!Happy Dance Time!!!

I'm still trying to decide about "whiskers"
I mean...a cat's gotta have 'em, dontcha think?
Perhaps I will wait until the block is in a finished something or other...
and quilted...

Meanwhile as I lay in bed reading a book last night...
I felt a 'presence' ...
(more like 12 lbs of pressure on my stomach)
I took this picture...up close and personal...
Yep...definitely need whiskers!

Marvin hopes you enjoy his block.
I hope you will give one a try.
Be sure to take note that you can post finished
blocks from the hop in
Whims and Fancies special flickr group 
for a chance of winning a weekly prize,

Just a's our Birthday Month and there are prizes to be given away.
Check the previous post and see what the KiDees are giving away!

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<


  1. I love your block! Yep, needs whiskers.... thank you for the great pattern.

  2. Thanks to you and Marvin for the wonderful block pattern. I will absolutely make one for my Oliver. Your mug rug is delightful,just like your entertaining posts!

  3. Very cute and your instructions are wonderful. Thanks.

  4. Very cute! You did such a great job on it too.

  5. So adorable! What a cute block. Thanks.

  6. I loved your story, glad you got sidetracked - LOL. Hugs to Marvin.
    Warm hugs,

  7. LOVE it!!!! I have 6 furry friends and they like to rearrange my floral arrangements all the time. Sometimes a taste is needed:)
    Great job!

  8. Marvin and his block are adorable!! Thank you "sew" much!!

  9. What a neat block and the story adds a special touch to it. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Really Really Cool, Great Block, Great Tips, Great Post.. Thank You!!

  11. Oh, I love the block and the story behind it. My husband thinks Marvin is a sweet kitty too!

    Thanks for sharing. Susan

    senstrings @ yahoo dot com

  12. Love the block - thanks for the pattern.

  13. What a fabulous pattern! He looks like my Milo! But Milo isn't a gentle giant, he's a hunter!!! LOL! Thanks for sharing your pattern with us!

  14. It has been a crazy day, and your blog hop photo put a smile on my face. Give a couple of extra kisses to Marvin from me!! I got two orange kitties myself! Thank you so much Lynn!

    Soma :)

  15. what a precious block, thanks so much for sharing!

  16. I'm so sorry about your Maggie. As much as we know we will outlive our pets, it's always so painful to lose them. Thanks for sharing Marvin's story, and for the pattern!


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